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Hey J – Thanks for this. I was reflecting on KZ’s comment that it feels like we have to pull it out of you (I get it, when it’s you, you’re holding all the details, the experience, you’re doing the work so you’re present to it all) AND – it’s still vague. I’m reading this and I’m working harder than I want to. Here’s what I’m getting and what I need. And let’s hear from team, this is a breakdown we can all own. T’s in breakdown, I’m within my 30 days. We have 2 support coaches that want thriving practices. Who will we be?

You’re still out of qualification.  I remember that you’re at 3+1 and went unqualified 14 days ago.

You want to extend the 30 day period. To what? What are you specifically enrolling us in? What will you produce and what do you need to produce it?

You want to talk to someone daily about your client game. What has you wait til Friday to create this?

You will notice your “stuck” and call someone ASAP. If I’m not hearing from you, how will I know you’re getting support or unstuck?

Consistent outreach. What does this mean besides you’ll be on reg thread daily, which I have you’re already committed to.

I am committed to you!

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