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I have been watching this thread and I’m so sorry for my silence!

I have been super active in my own spirituality practice since July of 2019, which is when my body started going WTF in response to a massive drop in its production of prolactin – the hormone primarily in charge of lactation. I’ll spare you the details but prolactin is in relationship with dopamine, oxytocin, estrogen, and so it’s allllllll a big ecosystem that has an impact on a woman’s immune system which as you might predict, impacts EVERYTHING. So what that meant for me is I started a new relationship with my body and its role and purpose. I took on some new morning and evening rituals and by this past fall I started really looking at my body as the home that not only created and birthed and nourished two humans (I’m really really proud of this in case it’s not already very clear =) but that did so with increasing amounts of consciousness as I grew in this work. Fast forward to today and I relate to my body as as home to my soul – my spirit – my essence – my Self that is limitless and eternal.

Soooooo what is needed for the display at this point? I can bring my goddess artwork, which for me is spiritual and captures the motherhood phases I’ve gone through. I can also bring some colored scarves, candles, oracle cards, and my essence artwork. Any of this that you think is NOT needed, Nichole? I intend to be very minimal with my packing this module (no dead bodies in my suitcase this time, Jeff 😉

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