Reply To: My AC Future

 Tiffany Turner

Aw Jeff. I’m in so much conflict reading this! I love who you are for our team and what you represent in AC, and I don’t want all the possibilities of you and AC cut off.

I also really really hear you, and I support your choice.

I do have a request.

I’ve often felt that we only get a partial view of your marriage – what Steph brings or doesn’t bring, what she does or doesn’t do. I have it that the only area of life that doesn’t fully work for you, is marriage, and so my request is that you bring all of what’s happening, and own all of your side of the street in it. If my magic wand (which someone recently reminded me, I have one of those) worked for you, I’d give you the magic of a marriage that sourced both you and Steph at a level that you don’t even know exists yet.

Since what I’m hearing in your post comes down to My Marriage > AC, my request is that you play these next 8 months for a MASSIVE breakthrough in that. And, of course, that you don’t check out before the last minute of the last day. <3

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