Reply To: CG breakdown to breakthrough

 Brittany Cotton

Thanks Juliana.

Ditto to what everyone else already pointed to 🙂 Im not clear what it is you are enrolling us in outside of “extending.”

What I notice is this is a lot about you. My favorite definition about enrollment is that people become aware of their aliveness and being alive. I hear what you are doing and what you have created, but to what end? Sure to get hired, but my guess its beyond that. What is your vision of life, our team, the community, ac the world, and what does this all sit inside of for you to impact those areas?

As a declared LIT the training I have for you is similar to what I shared with T when we were chatting: ZOOM OUT. This is all about you. As a leader our job is to see the big picture, what this means for the participants, the program, the company. I challenge you to have the eyes of a leader in your enrollment and client game, not 1 individual trying to reach a goal. Whats the impact of you being unqualified and being relatively “hush hush” about it. What is your vision of your leadership with this structure? How does this play a part?

Some things to noodle on…

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