Reply To: Meditation enrollment

 Charlie Horn

Team thanks for all of your commitments to bringing in what we need. With mikes additional quilt it makes 7 more needed. I will grab them tomorrow and we are complete on the materials portion. What doesn’t feel complete for me is who wants to lead the meditation and be responsible for music. It would make sense to me to have a couple people rehearsed and familiar with the script and music training going into this weekend. Who has something for us here around what is in it to be the voice of the meditation and the support to make it happen with the music. I’m scared to volunteer to be the voice because I don’t want to make a mistake and take away from the experience the participants. What do you all say? Let’s get this conversation flat by end of day tomorrow. What else is left unsaid? What else is there to air out?
see you all soon!!! Woohoo!!

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