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Enrolled in you playing full out in AC and in your whole life no matter what. Regardless of when, where, and why circumstances.

Thanks for empowering and making known your desire to complete. While not such a popular one (speaking for myself here and taking liberties for you too, team) I have it like EVERY time any of us chooses something, empowers it, and puts it on loudspeaker, it is leadership. It makes waves that we get to be with so I acknowledge your being leader in this space simply by being at choice and at cause for the impact.

I will own and share with team that the pre-completion impact for me was first “maybe I will complete too, that life out there beyond AC sounds nice!” and then it took on flavors of “jerk! who does he think he is, he can’t declare in and then declare out. That’s out of integrity!” (my automatic little girl voice that feels hurt whenever someone chooses a life that I fear will take them away from me and have me lose them).

It’s currently landing as a call forth – to listen to my desires, my intuition, my inner voice of power that knows I can create whatever I want wherever I choose to show up. So back to what I shared at the beginning of this post – Thanks for making the wave that gifted me a reflection of my power and ability to be at cause and at choice. I have more completion to take on before the module, and surely over the program year, but I trust in our partnership and your role in my – and all of our – breakthroughs

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