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 Jeff Miller

Thanks everyone for all of the feedback.

Sabrina, Nichole and Mike – Thanks for being awesome support, connection and partners! I feel very supported and know that I can count on your partnership this year and beyond.

T – Thanks for the awesome reflection. While I can see how you took my post that I am choosing my Marriage over AC, I have it that I am reinventing using AC as a tool for myself. This is still in process, but I still plan on being involved, just not as a program coach or DLIT. And I think I have a habit of bringing team what doesn’t work or when there is a breakdown with Steph. Steph and I have never been closer and more aligned. We are experiencing more depth and connection than ever before. And we have 3 kids that are 6 and younger so sometimes that can be exhausting. Honestly I hold marriage just like I hold physical fitness. It is one big journey with tons of ups and downs and it is a living breathing thing. I am very excited to share more in general and I hear that call forth.

LKT – Thanks for the honesty and transparency. And thank you for reflecting my tendency to not own my impact. I am really good at dancing around that part. Usually I down play any impact that I have, and often hold myself as replaceable on any team or company. This is definitely a strategy I have developed to not get to close and to not get hurt. I will practice this module being with it all in service of breaking up this old pattern.

Juliana – Thanks for the demand to share more of everything. Similar to what I said earlier in this post, I have it that the details of most things about my life are not that important. Totally a context and creates a separation from most people. I find it easy to listen and discuss other people’s stuff and side step what’s going on over here. This is pretty funny for me considering that I am an open book when prompted. My Mom is in the hospital and will be for probably 4 or 5 days. She has really severe asthma and at times need to be hospitalized to take these “super drugs.” I have had to take care of my Mom pretty much since my Dad passed away almost 10 years ago to the day. I am pretty immune to her being hospitalized or sick. Ever since I can remember she has had one health issue or another. My body feels pretty good. The severe pain is gone and I am focusing on not getting sick. The whole fam except for me and Sammy are down this some sort of flu/virus thing. Surprise surprise I haven’t done anything “fun” this week but I will create something before the module. As I type this I have been up since 5:30am and I have had 6 coaching sessions and one more to go. At times I create an unbearable schedule, which I see keeps me from integrating some fun. Definitely something to look at.

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