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 Juliana Sih

I see us being unstoppable as team! I compiled all your reflections/questions and answering them below.

I want to extend the 30 day period to January 31st.  I will produce getting hired 2x and entering into my 90 day period.

I want to talk to someone daily about your client game, and I see that I do not have to wait until Friday to create this. I will start outreach today (and have).

How will I know you’re getting support or unstuck? You will know because I am making phone calls, doing the daily outreach and getting support. I will do a daily check in on forum around my client game outreach. Where I got stuck, what I noticed etc. And if it’s not on forum, will post on groupme. Brittany has declared being the one for me when I make phone calls!

Consistent outreach means calling 3 people daily, having a conversation about their life and invite them into a sample session.

Thanks Nichole for your questions! What do you think is in the way? Few things, knowing what I need to do and waiting till the end of day to do it and then convincing myself its too late and I’ll do it tomorrow #procrastination. There is some money stuff too which I haven’t distinguished but I am bringing it to my coach tomorrow.

What’s going to make the difference? Go to more events, sharing coaching, talking about it with anyone and everyone. The difference that would create a once and for all shift is stop being shy about who I am and embrace who I am as a person. Let go of the story that I am too much. My friend from college voice keeps ringing in my head “you talk a lot about yourself”. Except now I am just doing the opposite.

What is the boldest thing you can declare to take on to have a breakthrough in your client game? Share with 90% of the people I meet about coaching, create instastories or facebook videos about coaching, teachings, stop sitting in surface conversations just because they are comfortable and BE coach.

Will get back to you Britt, noodling. I have more and will come back later today.

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