Reply To: Meditation Notes/Experiences for Participants

 Tiffany Turner

I have them! We only needed 4 things for each person. I extracted from the notes you shared with me, and if you feel anything is missing, please add whatever you see!

I haven’t fully distinguished this yet, so please share what you see here. There’s something that I’m present to around Team for you, Nichole. I can see it in spirituality display – on one hand, amazing and insanely supportive for you to have taken that on – AND I can also see how it was not necessarily a representation of Team, but moreso a representation of Nichole.

Similarly, the conversation I brought to you about meditation notes when we were typing them, left me feeling dismissed by you, and it occurs that now we’re in a misunderstanding about meditation notes.

I can’t fully distinguish the commonality between the two. Do you see anything there?

If you’re willing, I’d love to know what your relationship to Team is, and how you play on team.

Please share if you see a breakthrough here for Nichole!

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