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 Sabrina Pratt

*This is Andrew’s check in that accompanies the recorded call I submitted this week! Just FYI 🙂



Name: Andrew Mai


Date: 1/19/2020


Request for Coaching this Week: 

  • Having a hard time refraining from “feel” (I use it to describe a mood, aspect of life feels “missing” when I can’t use it).
    • What’s the purpose of not using “feel”?
    • (Kept using it in my coaching)
  • Coaching on balance in social life and commitment to AC (MOPAs, client game, support for team, practices)
    • Believe that AC is having a toll on social life…working to balance it out.
  • Breakdown (BUFCA): Commitment to working as/being a coach, sense that WORK gets in the way, sucks up my energy and drive.
    • Alt 1 – Mind often wandering, distracted, hard to get work done.
    • Alt 2 (lightest) – Difficult time getting thru to PowerWolf (new Pers Dev Business), integrating myself when they are not open to having me help out (I really want to freaking help!!)


Practices I completed:

Made 2 good outreach posts on IG

Reached out to 7 people for life coaching

Spent time with friends I haven’t talked to in months.

Recorded session with college friend.


Practices that are incomplete:     

Finish Dating project design.

Post updated video on Youtube (where’ve I been)

Did not lock in any convos….


Project #1: Full Time Life Coach

What by When:       10 paying clients by 10/5/2020

Next Project Milestone:      1/8/2020

Update/Progress this Week:  Reached out to 7 people but no bite =(. Posted on IG “Therapy vs Life Coaching”


Project #2: Better Social Life and Rebonded Ties

What by When:       Have established “fun” group of friends, REBOND with old friends/family by 4/20

Next Project Milestone:      Reach out to Local friends for outdoor trip or “Fun Day”

Update/Progress this Week:  Went out with HS friends haven’t talked to in MONTHS.


Project #3: Dating

What by When:       Be in relationship with a fun, purposeful, hardworking woman by 5/15/2020

Next Project Milestone:      Go back on Hinge dating.

Update/Progress this Week:     Nothing


Project #4: Instagram and YouTube platform

What by When:       Have 10,000 followers on the Gram by 9/1/2020

Next Project Milestone:      500 followers

Update/Progress this Week:     Wrote two posts centered on Life Coaching.


Project #5:

What by When:       

Next Project Milestone:      

Update/Progress this Week: 


Number of Clients

Full Pay Clients: 0

Partial Pay Clients: 0

Pro-Bono Clients: 0

Total current # of clients: 0


Coaching Hrs to Date

Pro-Bono Hours:      7

Paid Client Hours: 0


MOPAS (December):


In Progress: (17) different MOPAs =(


Completed: 2, 16, 17


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