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 Sabrina Pratt

Recorded Call from coaching session on Sunday, 1/19/20

Participant: Andrew Mai

Coach: Sabrina Pratt

*Hi team! Attached is my recorded call with Andrew- it is 76 mins. I run “over” the hour. It is something that often happens frequently on my calls with Andrew, but not with my other clients. I am not sure what is happening in my calls with Andrew that has me running over time.

My request is that team listen to the entire call even if only the hour is reviewed. I am requesting this because in the last 5-10mins. of the call there are some elements that I need support with. In the last 16mins. during the value portion Andrew says he felt that too much time is spent discussing his feelings toward feelings and that he felt the conversation was too scattered overall. I agree- our conversations often feel very “scattered” to me. I get the sense that Andrew is trying to “cram too much” into one session and I am not sure how to bring that conversation but I do need support with it!

I am so excited to hear your feedback!!! I can’t wait for feedback/review on 1/28 and to have an opportunity to be with the feedback on all of your forms.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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