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 Juliana Sih

Hey team! Sorry I have been absent on here and sharing where I am at. I go sick last Thursday and Friday which had me in and out of sleep most of the day. Its funny when you are sick, how all the SM comes up and how urgent everything seems when all you need is to take care of yourself. But if I zoom out a little, that’s probably what I do most of my life. I live in a state of constant rush and feeling behind. And this client game has me playing the same. Rather than knowing, trusting and taking action from there, I feel the pressure to rush, bulldoze and feel shitty when I don’t get the result.

So today, I am taking each action slowly and intentionally. Some of my actions with client game have become automatic. Like reach out, start conversation, respond, etc. and in my mind it’s become more of a numbers game rather than actually being intentional about creating connection, inviting them into a sample session and them into my practice. I am continuing to generate my breakthrough in peace, especially around client game.

What I see for the participants, AC and our team in this breakthrough is access to trust, knowing that we got each other and self-compassion. It can be easy and automatic to freak out, go into control and manage, do do do when things are not going the way we want. A breakthrough in peace would generate a ripple effect of knowing that even when things aren’t going according to plan, that doesn’t mean it has to be a hard stop. It means that one step back might have been taken, and if you just continue 2 more steps can be had. We all have set backs and if we operate from fear, panic or catch up, the only thing we will create it more of that. From peace, taking one action at a time, chopping wood and carrying water all throughout the process is a sense of gratitude, joy and curiosity around the process. A new relationship with set backs could really shift the relationship with the process, both for me, us, AC and the world.

Here is what is so. I have 2 sample session schedules and a follow-up. I declare generating 2 more sample sessions before co-coaching. And I am going to 2 events this week where I get to meet people, be out and about. Making 5 phone calls and asking 2 people for referrals. This is my actions today from intentional, present and joyful.

What will you take on today around your client game?

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