Reply To: Teenagery Fun

 Tiffany Turner

Man, I read this and got straight on the roller coaster.

Something that I’ve noticed about my friends and clients who have kids in rebellious/challenging stages, is that often there is a person/some people who can really connect with the kid. And through the adult (a cousin, aunt, uncle, family friend) that can connect with the kid, vulnerable and honest conversations, and genuine connection is present that isn’t always between parent/child. I’ve watched these guardian angels in adolescents lives be huge access points to the kids.

Is there a person in the family that Noah’s close/comfortable with? Would he be willing to participate in Big Brothers Big Sisters? Is there someone who you, as mom, think he’d connect well with?

If I were relating to Noah as a fully brain-formed-adult, I’d be curious what he’s avoiding. ,

For you, I’m curious if you can see anything about how you do rules, and how Noah’s doing rules.

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