Reply To: Production Call Notes

 Tiffany Turner

Sabs, it’s seriously amazing that you’re that on top of the leader and participant applications, thanks for keeping an eye on them. For incomplete/missing applications, are you willing to own it and work with the AC office to get those missing bits up? Sounds like there might also be opportunity to bring gaps in posted applications to the participant’s coach, and let’s have our leader team be At Cause for knowing all those bits of info about our participants.

Team, for module 4 accountabilities, Accountant, Essence Posters, and Observation/Workshop all need owners.

Last year, I declared I would take SM Test, and I got all worked up about how I could do it with my eyes closed, and then my delivery of the SM test (administering it in the room), struck fear in the participants and I had to clean some stuff up and swing again.

Can y’all connect to how even the stuff we “know how to do” doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t something available for us there?

Who sees something for themselves in owning Accountant, Essence Posters, and Obs/Workshop? As a reminder, owning doesn’t mean DOING IT ALL. Anyone who’s relating to ownership from that place, I’ll invite you to look at your opportunity for a breakthrough in Integration or Team! If we get two of these covered, I’ll take whatever remains.


Mike – will you keep all print outs until our capture of them is completely flat? Sounds like you captured everything in the Google Doc, but that’s also a place where anyone can make changes, so if you have a copy that you can access in case someone changes the Google Doc, you can shred the hard copies of Winning Strategy. Please shred for integrity of confidentiality!

Last, some of the Winning Strategies are hard to read. Would you be willing to clean it up so that all of them read with the same format: I listen for X so as to act by Y in order to Z.

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