Reply To: Teenagery Fun

 Juliana Sih

This reminds me of my brother, who is a freshman in college. Everyone kept telling him he was so smart, genius and hated hearing that. He just didn’t believe it. For my brother, I think all those people saying that put a lot of pressure on him to figure things out, be a certain way, or let people down. There might be something in just giving him some space and letting him do his thing. My brother just started seeing a therapist, which has been good for him to just talk, knowing that its in a container.

I remember those years for myself, they were rough, all I wanted was a boy crush and to hang out with my friends, not people telling me how smart I was and what I should be doing with my life. Being smart meant I had to study more, be tied to books or take more classes.

Not sure if you are getting anything from this but just wanted to share. <3

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