Reply To: Teenagery Fun

 Brittany Cotton

Man, I just have so much respect for all of the parents on this team… and in the WORLD.

I was like this, I had so much potential and had such an issue with authority and people wanting something from me, when I saw something different. (Reminder, Nerdy Rebel is one of my SM names).

I feel so much for you and Noah.

I agree with what T put in. I wonder if you could find a mentor, an older gentleman who plays guitar or something Noah is into, that he could hear differently and be supported by. I have no idea if he would be interested in talking to me, but I went though something really similar in high school, so maybe we could create a connection around it. OH WAIT. What about Alex??? I know you don’t know him that well, but I think young teens think he’s cool haha so maybe?

The other offering I have is to speak to Noah about this the same way you are speaking to us about it. Give me a chance to be the adult he is turning into, and see what he wants to create? Or you could do the thing people do in movies where they show kids the possibility of what happens when they don’t do good in school… is that a parenting concept?

Either way I feel for you!!! <3

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