Reply To: Thriving

 Tiffany Turner

Ohhhh baby baby! (Salt n Peppa style)

LKT you ready to be stood for so hard that you try to ignore me, or what?

Team, our magnificent and beautiful LKT’s SM has created some really enticing seduction around how Declare and Fulfill goes for her. On a call today, Laura and I distinguished that she’s reliable to Start/Stops (stopping when she’s bored or when circumstance leads to multitasking, which in-turn creates a stop) and to create breakdowns because it fuels drama OR creates an opportunity for her to fix.

These aren’t the reflections of the powerful leader we know Laura to be, and so I’m requesting that team make a stand. No more client game shenanigans. No more pendulum swing of “things are cool like cucumbers” followed by surprise requests of “who will support me in staying qualified?”

Team, we should NOT be surprised by LKT’s cycle of qualification breakdown. Who we be to her as a Team, has an important impact. Let’s not allow our SMs and Winning Strategies to run the show when they’re in opposition to the lives we crave.

Laura declared the following small actions in service of handling a larger scandal of GD (general disorganization – LKT, can we call it this? I’m chuckling, but want to make sure you are too):

  • Jan 21: Create a folder for SS, take all old papers out of file cabinet, start putting client session notes in their correlated folders
  • Jan 21: Kitchenware goes to the kitchen – Can’t sit down at work desk if old kitchenware is sitting on desk, must take it to the kitchen
  • DATE TBD: Give things a home – many household items live on surfaces, this would be creating and empowering homes for those surface living things
  • DATE TBD: Organizing pipeline/leads flow for client game
  • DATE TBD: Organizing business cards by category
  • DATE TBD: Only be in business from an empowered place
  • DATE TBD: Create a win/win in technology, both hardware and software (updated software on devices, ample chargers for devices, etc.)

Laura, we talked about this one, but I didn’t hear you declare it – are you willing to create a single source of truth for all things, “to do”? You mentioned a digital to-do list that you already have downloaded. Will you empower it so as to support GD?

Who else wants a big fat stand like this, that will lead to a big fat breakthrough, that could be the thing that has life work so wonderfully, that you sit in ease and flow automatically?

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