Reply To: My AC Future

 Jeff Miller

Hey Team,

Thank you all for your feedback, stands, and commitment for what you all see for me. I want to own that my initial post came mostly from my automatic reaction to having a few weeks off and focusing on my well-being. We all probability felt a little like not coming back to “work” after a few weeks off. And the way I went about coming to my decision was not in line with my commitment. For me, doing things separate and alone is not a breakthrough at all. Regardless of the end result, I am committed to creating breakthroughs for myself, our team and our participants.

My plan going forward is to actually get supported through connection, intimacy and partnership. I declare to have a detailed plan of what is next by our next module in March. To do so I will have conversations with each one of you to get connected and see what you see for me in general and moving forward. Additionally I will connect with at least 11 AC Leaders outside of our program by February 7th. This is challenging for me to actually have these conversations so as to feel and be with my impact and get into partnership with people.

Thank you all for your continued stand for me to have it all in my life. I am playing for that exact thing. I want to make sure that I am creating something instead of running away from non-desirable circumstances. I will be reaching out to you all over the next week.

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