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T here is the post I drafted on my flight out to San Diego that I thought I’d share with you at the module, and didn’t get to.
T your post landed way back then, thanks! I’ve been really taking a look.
With regard to where chaos exists, I’d say the biggest places are with parenting, and in my home environment. I could manage and control my life pre parenthood in a way that created the illusion of my life working, but which also allowed me to not have to look at some of my emotional disorganization or organizing and planning habits that are actually power leaks. I have it the marriage breakdown I caused that coincided with my first pregnancy had me go reallllly deep with self work and my marriage, but which also may have overwhelmed my capacity or willingness to care about what I experienced as clutter and rubble that landed around me in the wake of the storm, but which gone unaddressed and is now something I’ve gotten used to being at the effect of. That massive relationship breakdown, inside of a context of not enough (love, time, support, energy, etc.) coupled with the context of new motherhood (x2) I may have created a new winning strategy: Imperfect Out Loud. It’s a story, but I see that Imperfect Out Loud may be yesterday’s breakthrough – it saved my ass, my marriage, my sanity, my business, and it’s clear that what got me here won’t get me where I want to be going. I hold that “Imperfect Out Loud” is about owning ones humanity “loudly” enough to access forgiveness and allow support. Not hiding. Not waiting. Undoing mechanisms that have us strive for perfection and miss the gifts of the present moment.
IOL is inside of the Perfection context and though it may still work as a brand and client facing biz strategy – I am my brand and I am evolving!
So I think the place to look is in the AND. Imperfect Out Loud AND not as a strategy to give permission to breakdowns or to get better at being in breakdown. Lol. That’s funny when I type it out.
So that’s my response to your first message and for simplicity I will respond separately to this more recent one.
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