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 Jeff Miller

This thread is awesome LKT and T! It is really cool to see some serious stand and some serious be with around stand. How can we support you LKT? T, How can we support you in thriving? And that also goes out to the entire team.

For myself, I would love to create both/and’s all over the place. For the first two plus years in AC I was a beast and creating both/and’s. Or at least that was the mindset I had. I constantly challenged myself and Steph in pursuit of creating both/and’s everywhere. And ever since she really let me know that the both/and around AC wasn’t really a both/and I have felt disempowered around creating both/and’s. Specifically as you all know around AC and my family. I would love a world where I could be at choice and generate both/and’s without guilt. At time this feels complicated and impossible. Mostly around my family. I used to call this “dad guilty.” I basically had this whole stand up routine around pre kids and post kids and all of the activities that would assume guilt after having kids. It was actually kind of funny. But it seems like I have bought into this nonsense and has created a stand still with playing a big game. It feels like I can play a big game with “bumper rails” around it. This is definitely not coming from my Essence.

I am in the process of re-created some of my projects and coming from a place without limits. I would love the team’s support in this. Connecting with my greatness and continue to have authentic connection with each of you would be awesome. I find it ridiculous that I can create a full practice, but I can’t go to the gym and workout without feeling like I am creating a win/lose. Thanks for listening and thanks for having my back.

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