Reply To: Thriving


Love the additions ya’ll! Jeff we totally have your back! Hope you’re getting some good connection and visioning time in with Steph in Ocean City this weekend! What does thriving look like for you? Do have a sense of what messes need cleaning up so you can stop being distracted by surviving? =D

I scheduled 2 SS for next Monday and Thursday. Sabs, the Monday SS is with Tyler, your referral from months ago. I’m gonna connect and hear more about what you see for her. I’m not certain that either is hot enough to feel confident that 1 of them will NSNK be a hire so I’m gonna keep swinging. I put referral requests in with 2 badass clients this week, and a couple community networks I’m involved. I have another SS scheduled for 2/3 with a guy who’s been rescheduling since November, but who keeps resurfacing on his own so I am optimistic!

I also asked some powerful women in Rochester who they know that would be able to give about 25 hours in February and 25 hours in March to supporting my family with life flow, childcare, home organization in exchange for a few coaching sessions. I love this because it integrates my desire to have in home support from people who are up to something bigger than the daily grind or making ends meet and it allows me to gift some of what I live so naturally in exchange. Ah. Jeff – anything for you and Steph there?

Who and what else? Happy Friday ya’ll.

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