Reply To: Thriving


I love this thread and have been wanting to contribute, but I have (surprise!) been feeling too overwhelmed to do so. Mostly because I don’t want to just put my stuff in but want to create thoughtful contributions for each of you who are sharing here and needed the time to read everything.

LKT, I love how granular you got with your actions. It made me realize how probably 90% of the things I do throughout the day are automatic. I don’t take the time to check and see if I already have a glass before I grab another one, as one example. Inspired! Aaaaand, I also feel like that is smack inside your comfort zone and I wonder what you’re doing that is outside of your comfort zone. I would actually love to see you get messy and try things that feel scary. What is the scariest thing you could do to build your coaching practice?

Jeff, your speaking about both/and gave me the impression that you see it as something that has to be equally sourced/sourcing. Like the work/life balance thing, which I personally think is a myth. If you are currently disempowered around both/and, instead of trying to get back to having it work the way it used to, what about just choosing a different possibility? Like integration. What if… You brought your family down to San Diego during one of the coaching weekends? Just as an example. What if they were integrated and involved in it? What other ways could you have it all?

T, I love, love, LOVE, how much you love. Your stands come from love, through and through. It’s really freaking sweet.


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