Reply To: Production Call Notes


I’ve been thinking about this and I actually see a breakthrough for myself in owing Accountant and/or Attorney and NOT doing it myself. I made the comment during the production call, “I don’t see anything for myself because that would be really easy for me.” Because, yeah. I could put up one social media post and have ten volunteers. But I do see something for myself in not doing that, and rather leading the team in providing and screening the referrals. Which means y’all have to do it and Auntie Nichole isn’t going to save the day with all her San Diego hookups.

Seriously, the idea of not just calling up my own attorney and accountant feels uncomfortable. I want them to be the ones. Which is why I want someone else to lead it so I can be like, “Here you go,” and deliver referrals on a platter.

What do you see, team?

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