Reply To: Enrollment – LKT Module 4 Absence

 Brittany Cotton

Awesome conversation and Stand thus far! Thanks T for truly modeling stand outside of attachment. The growth you have created in the last few months around how you bring your power, and the impact you are willing to have is truly remarkable and beautiful. To be stood for by you is an honor.

LKT- As I mentioned when I brought forth my request for alignment on my vacations, I am always enroll able in us taking a step forward in service of the lives we want, even if that means missing a call or weekend. I read enrollments for vacations, conferences, etc from a place of I’m already enrolled, but curious of where the person is coming from or looking, so that I might stand for them to raise their frequency, have a breakthrough, go beyond where they thought they could, be in full integrity with what they are working on, etc.

So with all that said I’m aligned in you missing a weekend to generate your life, business, spirituality, etc. What I am currently not enrolled in is what you have brought us. Or actually its really what you haven’t brought us. From this post you share you want to bring whats in it for YOU, US, and ME. My experience is that isn’t what occurred. Im not clear on how this event is going to support you in what T is standing for? How will this break up your roller coaster, and have you not continually playing catch up in life and your business? You shared what you see in terms of Jeremy joining you, and I love that.  Im not clear though on how this does benefit you staying qualified, getting past your 90 days with not simply “getting past” but kicking fucking ass, outside of Jeremy being there.

And how does this generate our team breakthroughs? San Diego’s? The company’s?

I fully hear whats in it for me, and I love what you put in. I would love the chance to have a more senior LIT come be with us, or someone who has yet to experience Intensive. I totally see whats in that for me, and that gives my heart and leadership goals TINGLES! It has me wondering how that might lead back to whats in it for you? Who in AC have you yet to get support from that could be the structure to you drastically shifting how it goes in your business?

My experience of your post is like a preview with no goods. You say you want to share whats in it for you, me, us, but then ask us to put in what we see. It lands a little bit like we are being teased and then asked to generate. Will you bring your leadership and vision to us around all the things you see possible by you missing the module?

With love and stand!

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