Reply To: Thriving

 Brittany Cotton

Hey Nichole.

I totally hear you and see you. Thanks for bringing this exactly as is. There are many things about the work we do that my mind wants to tamper with repeatedly and not put down til its sorted out. Like: the power yet occasional weapon of context, the idea that there is no right or wrong, choice vs intuition. There so many things coaching has given me access to that at times makes total sense, and others I’m like what the fuck.

I bring this to you because this is what I am reminded of in your post- how we can sometimes jump to Coaching, when people just really need to be seen and heard. I actually have it that this is what Leadership is. Its knowing when to listen, to coach, to train, etc. To really be with someone both for what they need, and in Standing for whats possible.

I think you do an insane amount of things, and I honestly don’t know how you do it all. I honor and respect the energy, action, and consistency it takes to be you, and create what you have created. And then have time to be concerned about your kids, like wow.

I want to share that I have never once felt you were dramatic, or just “inside of a context.” And have often shared what a gift it is to be let into your world. Im experiencing that here and now. Thanks so much for your honesty and sincere commitment to being authentic, and get your needs met. I acknowledge the stress you are in in your many commitments, and see how overwhelmed that would make anyone.

I am fully booked Wednesday or else I would grab Jonathan, can anyone support wednesday? If not, could he do a different day?

Outside of the conversation around overwhelm and over commitment, I do want to share a reflection I have for you from leader and coach, if you are open to. To be clear not about those things but something else I see. Let me know, and if not thats totally fine too!

Love you! And if you think of any other thing that we could support you with, please speak it 🙂

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