Reply To: Production Call Notes

 Juliana Sih

This thread is so great! And sorry for my late contributions. I see so many opportunities for us stretch ourselves in this program, and accountabilities is no different. For me, what I hear is a practice in choice. It seems like our default in choosing is “I can do that, I guess I will take it”, or some version of that and then taking action or inaction from there. When we are able to choose outside of that, then we have access to something different. It’s like washing dishes, which can be seen as mundane, a choir and boring. Or you could choose experiencing it as calming, therapeutic and cleansing process. The practice that I see for me and us in accountabilities is expanding our experience/options rather than as a task or to-do list item. What would that make available in your life? If you saw everything with choice and were able to generate how an experience goes?

Nichole, I am enrolled in you doing Accountant. What I see/hear is you practicing and flexing your “requesting support”, “trusting others” and “surrender” muscle.

Mike, I think T is requesting you to put it in a consistent format (I listen for X so as to act by Y in order to Z), and the extra fluff can be below it until we determine if we keep or do not keep. I think putting it this way makes it easier for us to read and understand.

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