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Wow – thanks everyone for throwing in your flavors to what’s brewing. I’m definitely eager for Mike’s addition per T’s reflection (Mike, I would love to see you count yourself and your voice as ridiculously valuable. What if I couldn’t respond until you showed up AND brought what you see?) and Charlie and Sabs too, I know you’ll have gold.
I am gonna try and respond directly to everyone’s questions and reflections in the next 24 hours but on the highest level I want to highlight that it is absolutely my intention to create a scenario WITH you that has you enrolled in what’s in it for YOU for me to be in Orlando on those dates, what’s in it for ME for me to be in Orlando on those dates, and what’s in it for US as a team and a company in my being absent because we’ve created something that is in service of our breakthroughs! But not via one forum post. And not via one self-generated vision that magically causes you to respond with “sold! where do I sign.”
Let me back up a little and swing at enrolling you in having this enrollment conversation go differently than any other team experience of Enrollment. Are you intrigued?
Through this, I really want to offer an empowered and expanded experience of enrollment for us all (and this is some of what I see will support, cause, and generate team breakthroughs, to your question, B.) I have seen time and again through various teammates on various teams who dare to swing big at enrollment that there is a default and disempowered relationship to it that assumes there is an Enroller and some Enrollees. From this place one person (the Enroller) shows up attached to something and brings a conversation (often from performance) about something they want (we do this with absences, qual extensions, reg convos, hiring convos, conversations with our spouses and loved ones, etc.) and try to decorate it with promises and trade-offs and grand results in hopes that the rest of team (the Enrollees) will say yes, sure, fine, sounds good, but which lands to the rest of team (who in this context are set-up as spectators who may or may not like the show or hold as a nice idea but something they don’t actually see themselves in – so it falls flat). It could be that the promises aren’t backed up with a track record of success, the enrollees “don’t have time to take on a teammate’s circumstances”, or the declared results would be enrolling but their experience of that teammate is that he/she aren’t currently playing at a level to cause the declared result; it will require a being breakthrough. So teammates stand, enrollable, but not enrolled. The teammates respond within their own context or degree of willingness to be with possibility and says something like “I’m enrollable, but I’m not enrolled”. The enroller goes “F&*#! This is hard, they’re being difficult, why won’t they just let me …..” and the associated Being ensues. From the enrollee vantage point what’s next could be “yep, still not enrolled”. But everything is happening inside of some automatic contexts.
Imagine a scenario where the “Enroller” declares some results and just keeps going. The results they see aren’t something they’re willing to go after conditionally or only as long as the team is willing to trade what the Enroller wants for what the Enroller sees to produce. Imagine a world of humans who related to themselves as “ Enroller” all the time and just walk around saying: “Yo. I’m a badass. I want some badass stuff and it’s gonna take something to create it. I have a team of people who are badass and they want to some badass stuff too. That’s badass. Let’s go play bigger than we ever have – together and out loud – and have faith that results bigger than we’ve known so far will emerge”. What if there were no Enrollees? What if nobody needed to be convinced and nobody needed to prove anything? What if we were just big ass YES ANDs all the time? I have it that’s what we’re up to and standing for in the world.
I want to invite this conversation as one that’s generated by US. I’m inviting each of you and TEAM as a Being bigger than any of us is alone get enrolled in something that does require you to generate because you’re so enrolled – because you contribute what you see that I haven’t imagined. Where I’m not DOING enrollment to you and you’re not waiting to have enrollment DONE. Said differently, there’s some stuff we each want, in our personal lives and in our shared games. I am presenting the circumstances wrapped up in the content of me being absent for Module 4 and attending this event and all the stuff that comes up for us around it as the thing to sharpen our ax on.
So to B’s point that in my first post I didn’t enroll you in what I intend to – Totally. We’ve only just begun =)
And YES! Britt, I am excited to paint a vision that includes all the things I see possible by me missing the module.
And thank you team for putting in what you’d need to be fully enrolled.
I have it these are the questions and reflections you have for me that you are looking for responses to and that I’ll respond to be EOD Monday.
  • what will this give me access to that I don’t already have?
  • What do I want to get out of this event that will be new, empowering, etc.?
  • What from these videos had me sign up and be a hell yes to doing to this and missing module?
  • If Jeremy doesn’t go to the event, what will I create in service of partnership and support?
  • How can I be the one to cause his entrepreneurial essence to come back to life?
  • how will going to the event in Florida be access to the shift I want to create for you?
  • What do I think will be different from the last one I went to? (yes, Nichole. I’ve attended an event put on by this team previously. Miami. November.)
  • How will this break up my roller coaster, and have me not continually playing catch up in life and business?
  • how does this benefit me staying qualified, getting past my 90 days with not simply “getting past” but kicking fucking ass, outside of Jeremy being there. how does this generate our team breakthroughs? San Diego’s? The company’s?
I also have it Juliana needs something further to be enrolled that addresses the I just miss you when you’re gone ♥ and Nichole might need something regarding what *may* be an incompletion around knowing your power to be The One for me (and many!) in establishing thriving businesses.
Please bring IT ALL and throw in anything else you see or need and stay tuned.
Thank you SO much for this opportunity.
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