Reply To: Layer for Module 4


When you say two conversations, what exactly does that mean? Because we could all have two conversations and then wind up with no referrals if the two conversations wind up not being the right fit or don’t work out. Do you want us to each create two viable candidates who meet COS and are available so that you have 18 to choose from? Or do you want us to have two conversations and then bring you one person so you have 9 to choose from? Or just have the two conversations and report back and you’ll let us know what to do next?

Team I am aligned with Mike taking on this accountability (and nice job bringing it here, Mike!!), and I thought we were going to take another swing at accountabilities this upcoming week after giving some thought to our potential breakthroughs. I had offered to do the posters, but responded to the other thread about possibility taking on accountant instead because I saw more of a breakthrough there for myself. I don’t see that I should do both and I thought we were going to have another conversation about it. Is that the plan? I realize I might be doing the thing where I see something and plop it in the space. And I also feel generally confused what’s up.

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