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Stand and deliver. Boom.

Nichole, this lands so powerfully to me: “I’m re-presenced to my gifts and passion and just need a lot of acknowledgement that I’ve got this. I need reminders not to sweat the small stuff. I need acknowledgements that I’m brilliant and capable of rising higher and higher without needing to create traps for myself and obstacles to overcome. I need visionary statements about the possibilities I will create when I put down the habit of making things hard first.” because – me too. And I would assert it’s not just us. I need acknowledgements and then I need people to get nosey and not buy-into my BS and never quit.

Someone asked me the other day why I keep choosing AC as the structure and I said “it’s the only community of people I know who will love me as hard as they will not let me take myself down. Where I can play out every trick my SM has in the book and will ever cook up and will be there to eat the love cake with me and cheer when I pull it out of the oven.” Lol. Sometimes it’s a breakdown cake, but in breaking DOWN with this community as a stand I disproved and transcended my greatest fear ever. I have it we are up for some next level thriving and that it be with this team? Hell yea.

I have a Thriving update for ya’ll.

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