Reply To: Enrollment to Miss Calls 3/24/2020

 Tiffany Turner

Hi Love –

I’m excited for this trip, and for Noah to experience Japan!

What I have for you is that my experience of you when enrolling, is more like convincing or story telling. I suspect convincing and story telling are very valuable in marketing and selling, and so it’s no wonder you’re so dang good at it.

If you’re willing to build a new muscle, I’d challenge you to practice enrollment from: What’s in it for me (that we got through your post),  and what’s in it for you (currently missing)?

Should you find yourself in any resistance, consider what becomes available to you when you add the skill of picture painting of Whats In It For Them, to your tool belt (hint: it’s WAY more than missing a day of team calls ;).

Love you!

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