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 Juliana Sih

Wanted to give a quick update about whats happening with my client game.

I am falling in love with the process of a breakthrough. Going through the muck, getting support, taking action, getting in the muck, repeat. Chop wood, carry water.  Swinging over and over again and getting gold along the way is a new way of being for me. I feel heard, seen and held from this whole process.

I wanted to share some breakthrough that I have had a long the way of getting to today. Breakthrough in peace, surrender, self-compassion, going beyond where I stop, taking quitting off the table, removing drama from my business and romantic relationship, consistency, authenticity, support.

On my last coaching call I distinguished my relationship with declare and fulfill. Pre-coaching call, disempowering, post coaching call empowered! Not only empowered but taking a look at my life from curiosity and adventure, like Dora the Explorer. I feel like I am on a treasure hunt, learning more about myself and my blocks, and getting back up to do the uncomfortable thing, letting go of old stories and habits, generating even when “I don’t feel like it”.

I declare a breakdown in Relationship and Stand in my client game. I will reach out for team to support me with a BUFCA!

Sabs and I had a great power hour today and it created something different for me to be able to bounce ideas off someone in the moment. I am going to create 3 additional power hours per week for client game with teams across the company.

Thats all I have for now. What breakthroughs have you already had in client game? What breakdowns have you not declared? What’s next for you in client game?



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