Reply To: Leader Integrity @ Module

 Jeff Miller

Yes I am aligned T. Even though this is a simple line item of “eating breakfast” I find it very interesting. For example a lot of the time I practice intermittent fasting so I usually don’t eat during breakfast hours. It never occurred for me to say that I am out of integrity in that area since that is what I do. In other words, in my world having a little water is eating breakfast when I practice intermittent fasting. Or there are times when I used to eat my face off during dinner and couldn’t possibly eat before 10am. What I am pointing out here its that you get to create and own your routine. So if you don’t eat breakfast prior to when we sit what can you take on that also is in integrity with the space. Could you take your break at 9am and go eat? What would you create from leader in this area and probably so many others that is still in integrity with the individual and team?

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