Reply To: All Things Co-coaching

 Tiffany Turner

PCs, I noticed on Sabs recorded call, some of us listened to 60 minutes, and some listened to the full call length.

In service of consistency of ICF Long Form ratings, and how that serves us in our score calibration, I’d like to request that we align on either listening to 60-minutes (as the ICF will only listen to 60 minutes of a call when certifying someone going for their ACC/PCC/MCC), or we listen to the entire call.

Since many people on our team are going for certifications, I’m connected to the Stand of recorded calls being 60 minutes or less, in service of each coaches certification through ICF.

If you can’t align on that, will you please share here. Let’s get flat on this by next Tuesday, so as to be aligned before our next recorded call.

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