Reply To: My Stand For Each Of You


Britt, we posted at the same time! I definitely hear you and I do want to expand my leadership outside of the boardroom ways of leadership. Big time! I have a feeling that, while I am certainly happy to be wrong because I really like Ammar Campa-Najar and we have become friends, he is probably not going to flip District 50 in the next election. If he doesn’t, I am running for that seat. If not that, something. 2022 baby!! I joined this program to create a different/better/more elevated type of leadership to support my political aspirations and I really do want that. My saying what I see is in service of trying to overcome having (what I call them behind everyone’s backs) baby breakdowns and baby breakthroughs so as to have room for BIGGER ones. I think that enrollment was missing from my pointing to things and wanting them to be more efficient and better. And I also have an attitude about it when I think anything is insufficient. And it’s totally just my own opinion!! Self righteous much? So yeah. I hear you. And I’ll bring it. Thanks!

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