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Thanks T & B. I’m gonna add some crunch and the L to this sandwich.

B. Armchair ontologist. And I’m curious for more of your mountain-top perspective.

T. Me too. PC or LiT or whatever, I am playing for coach and leader in my life and my relationships. When you say “fully present PC” what do you mean? Over here I imagine you’re saying you haven’t experienced me as fully available to the program or bringing the full expression of my leadership. But I want to check my assumption.

A potential reframe to the “and nothing changes”. I’ve empowered Accomplishment Coaching and its stand for engaging coaches with 3+ FP clients who are leaders in their lives who have thriving businesses differently each year. I came to my first PC year in NY after a 6 month break after graduating with 4 FP clients, a freshly launched business, a 6 month old and I maintained 4-6 FP clients through my first PC year and allowed a new level of support in my home life that allowed my marriage and relationship to my personal power to completely transform. My 2nd PC year started 3 months after my first completed. I moved my family across state and my leadership across the country to SDI and took on pregnancy and travel that year. I was in qual breakdown for a portion of one module that year and requalified mid-module getting hired by playing “the money game” with SS and enrolling a man at the bar and a woman in the hot-tub 😉 I created breakthroughs for myself and my team and Schneids by creating a powerful replacement during my maternity leave. I fell in love with Tiffany Turner. My 3rd PC year I built my biz back from 0 post mat leave, by March had more clients than ever, honed my coaching skill and got 2 calls evaluated at 7s.

I think this might land as defense and it’s not my intention. My intention is to spend some time in reflection and self-enroll on loudspeaker while demonstrating how I have already and am currently producing remarkable results from empowering this structure. It hasn’t looked like building an empire on the outside complete with shiny coaching clients that pay me the big bucks and getting hired in ways ya’ll are jealous of – yet. But it does look like building the woman that reinvented herself from a person who believed she would never be enough, needed a relationship with a man to complete her, and didn’t believe she could become a mother AND have the life that she wanted into a woman who created a marriage I’m willing to stand for fiercely and who is building family empire that the two humans I dare to put out in this world will be sourced from – while also being seen and known in the world, while bringing leadership to motherhood as a social construct, to mothers, and to myself – and by bringing mothers to leadership via my coaching and my commitment to AC structure and reg………..

So – – it’s fucking epic. And sure, it’s totally worthy of me and you’re inviting me to bring more cause you see there’s more – and there is. I notice my power leak is in my speaking. I carry the breakdown around. I tell you about it. I tell you it might come and I talk about the resilience it took to overcome and I get celebrated. Yummy SM cake. I have powerful intentions and take powerful action, but I talk to myself and outloud with others from the place of “it’s hard” and “I don’t wanna” so I get to collude with that part of my SM. My first step is plugging that, focusing on my biz, my home structures and all the things you already know I’m up to.

I have a SS at 10am and 6pm ET. They are both hot leads and strong prospects for my practice. They both come from trusted referrals I am in deep relationship with and I declare tomorrow a 2-3 day hire. Support request: Connection with me at 6:45am PT prior to the first call. Celebration and completion with me between 8-9am and then support me in getting my ass out of the house for my 6pm SS so I’m not distracted by the kiddos. I just need to book a conference room and make sure Jer is home to the kids in time for the hand-off. Ya’ll got me?

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