Reply To: My Stand For Each Of You

 Brittany Cotton

Thanks so much LKT! Yes Armchair Ontologist. hehe

I so appreciate your response, and the reminder of all that you have created over the last few years, I’m like oh hell yeah, thats right! And then I was like oohhhhhh, this is so juicy. See, we don’t hear any of that. Your pattern of continually going unqualified or toeing the line has us in a completely different conversation with you. I wonder how many of the peeps on this team know all those wins you have created, my guess is not in their entirety because that is not the you that gets shared. In fact its not you that we get much of, because your client game breakdown, or pattern of complicating, has you hidden and thats what we end up  playing with.

I see what Brittany and Kerry have been pointing to from a whole new level. My experience is that we don’t get ALL that you have to offer, because you are continually playing catch up, or playing to make sure you are caught up. Like Charlie- whom we have distinguished shows up incredibly empowered and in his essence in module, and then lands back in his sad story in between, I notice a similar mountain and valley with you and your qualification. You get re-qualified and are empowered, in action around leading this team, and then come a month or two we are slipped back into a qualification breakdown, which has you unable to really be here with us, because you are in action to ensure no fires get lit there. Im thinking of little ground hogs that keep popping up.

I see that this structure has given you so much, and you have used it to create complete magic. I also see that this structure allows YOUR qual pattern to continue over and over. So now I want to know how do we bust that up? If the AC structure allows us to generate breakthroughs, it also in ways allows us to stay exactly how we are, its a great conversation for the whole team. I know you see this structure and yourself as having a future in this company, and I am stand for that for you as well. But as your partner, I really need it go different. For you, for us, for me, for our team. When you toe the line, my experience is I can’t rely on you to come through or show up, because this other thing over here has to be handled. That doesn’t work for me, our commitments, or the team. And it definitely doesn’t work for your next level of leadership.

Love, B


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