Reply To: My Stand For Each Of You


LKT, thanks for sharing all that you have been through with your coaching practice and your work at AC, while juggling becoming a mom, thriving into motherhood, and balancing it all with being a wife. I am in awe right now. You are such a badass!!! I suspected you were a badass. You are. I enjoyed what you shared around carrying around your breakdown. I’m honestly a little overwhelmed by your share. I have a lot of thoughts and without the deeper relationship that Britt and T have, there’s a lot for me to absorb and read again to fully understand what you need and where you’re at. But it was magnificent to read and get to look at all the shiny facets of LKT.

I would love to know each of you the way the Britt & T know LKT. That ability to bring out the goodies so effortlessly, I believe, takes relationship. I see relationship was a huge “What For” to get up under each other.

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