Reply To: My Stand For Each Of You


Thanks B – It’s good to hear that you don’t get any of that cause I’m over here thinking it’s obvious. But it would be to me, as it’s my life. I very well may have gaps in standing for myself to be seen and known for my wins as a way of hiding and controlling and staying safe from the vulnerability of being judged, unliked, whatever…. I definitely don’t stand on a mountain top and say “listen up, bitches!”

Ok so how do we bust up the sramble-handle context that keeps me playing catch-up, half present, in my power *if, and not have to be absent somewhere in order to be present somewhere else…..?

Your statement, “If the AC structure allows us to generate breakthroughs, it also in ways allows us to stay exactly how we are.” Yes.

So this is love and being bootcamp…..Maybe a structure like an action log for my business. Like a 360 degree wellbeing tracker for my business that I create and send to you and team weekly filled out with the stuff I’ll do daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc. until my biz is sufficiently supported to need a new level of accountability.

Would you and team align on generating “places to look” for me – and I’ll compile this and not simply play outloud whatever that means to my feelings and whatever scarcity contexts I’m in or out of, but I’ll send a weekly report on? My question mark is me thinking “is it a fix?” and I have it it’s a strategy for me to be in action more than not. To be seen and have you all up under me. My question mark is also, what would have you enrolled in getting into that degree of nitty gritty with me? What do you need besides it to go differently that is juicy and enrolling for you? Since you said that bringing us up enhances your life, what does it going differently make possible for your life and leadership?

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