Reply To: Vision for Photographer


Thank you so much ladies for generating these leads who both meet our CoS and are enrolled in coming to be with us.

Holy smokes I might just have to get pregnant again so I can have my photos taken by Monique –

And Nichole – I have never told anyone in AC about this but I have a serious fear of squirrels. They are so twitchy and unpredictable and as Carrie Bradshaw would say, they are just rats with cuter outfits. I have this memory of me playing in a leaf pile as a little girl one fall and my dad hiding behind a tree and making the tsk-tsk-ing tick of a squirrel……gives me the major chills to think about so this Orin must be legit!

I just produced another great lead: Karen Cox. Here is a gallery of her work. She was super jazzed to support us and her energy is aligned with our commitments. She presented me with some really great questions that demonstrated her artistry, and she brought a being of lace trimmed timberland boots – elegance, grit, grace, quality, and power.

I would love to hear about Terri, Jeff – thanks for reaching out to her – and I will follow up with another person I got a call back from while I was busy taking 6 months of payment up front for my  new client ;-P

Who else is contributing to this abundance of magic and beauty?

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