Reply To: Module 3 Observation and Workshop Follow Up

 Brittany Cotton

Hey Nichole,

Yes. Please note that it is complete, and put in any notes you see might be benefits for us all to know.  If there is someone in the program there isn’t a list to then add them to, but just more conversations to have with them 🙂 The basic protocol for observation follow up is: they get an email thanking them for coming, and that someone will be reaching out in the next 48/72 hours. Then whoever owns that person calls and checks in- any questions? how was their experience? what if anything was impactful? Just basic questions around their experience and if they need anything for their experience to be complete. I also like to remind them about their complementary sessions for themselves and another.

We discussed observation/follow up each night during the module, who would own, by when the people would be up, and our declaration of a team of by when they would be complete. I notice there is a pattern of conversations happening as a team, and teammates later saying they don’t remember or it didn’t happen. I wonder what might have it go that way? And what we need to create in our well being to have us present/engaged when we are with team? I know that the last nights at modules we are spread thin, and I see that the pattern occurs sometimes on production/co coaching as well. Hmm… Thoughts?

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