Reply To: Layer for Module 4

 Aarti Mallya

The request for each person to have 2 conversations with 2 potential candidates that fit the vision/COS. Weather they say yes or no doesn’t matter for this. I am looking to just have everyone be in conversations and be involved. If we are getting a lot of yeses we can stop. If we are not getting qualified candidates we can readjust around the 14th.

From what I have gather the vision and the COS are good. The only thing missing is for me Nichole to be partnering on this as it will be one in the same call. The thing we need to figure out is what that looks like and the day and time.

I envision the layer and the account to each have about 15 to 20 min presenting. Then there will be 20 to 30 min for questions and ability to take it where it seems most valuable based on questions and responses.

I see the best time for this call is to be March 4 at the time of what would be T-time. This would be an extra “T-time” call. I feel this is something that should not interrupt the other t-time call schedules.

Nichole as other leader for this all in one call are you aligned the presenting time frames, day, and time?

Is there anyone not aligned and or see anything different?

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