Reply To: World Peace Team Enrollment

 Jeff Miller

Thank you Nichole for always bringing THE REAL! While I am not enrolled (and don’t necessarily need me to be) in you missing Reg, I am very intrigued by your Marketing Team Vision. Sounds freaking amazing.

Here is the thing. My coach, Mr. Mark Hunter invented this Reg Game, and not a week goes by that I don’t give him some sort of crap for it. BUT, just like everything else there are breakthroughs available if we so choose. And trust me, I get all of the competing commitments and there does come a point where you may have to make some difficult choices. And I have been looking at this for myself for a while. What I see is a possibility for you to create a both/and. Like a Reg 2.o that sill has you involved. Maybe, your presence could impact others so much that it actually starts to create world peace simply by being on the Reg calls. We actually have no idea.

Either way I am fascinated by how your mind works, and I would love to hear what the rest of the team has to say as well.

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