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 Charlie Horn


I can relate to this through my lens of not intending to create a coaching business. From there I have many internal conversations around enrollment in AC and what’s in it for me. I am consistently looking over the fence at the green grass of more time and more money from going back to working how I used to. I keep landing on relationship as my priority and the possibilities of time and money from becoming expert in relationship. For me I Can get to the point of seeing the opportunity cost of time and money I’m spending on coaching are worth having the relationship breakthrough.

I would be all about being on a marketing call with you. I mean you could create a program just about that and sell it. I am enrolled in your vision of creating an abundance of leads that would have a trickle down affect of filling coaching practices and programs. For me personally I have already had a breakthrough from the 30 day video challenge you invited me to do. Let’s make that part of the program!!!
You are a marketing genius and expert to me to say the least. If I could download 10% of what you have I would see gains in other areas of my businesses. It would be so much fun to integrate coaching and my other businesses through a marketing call. Hat a great structure to generate breakthroughs in self esteem/ self worth, time and money, simple and easy,

you have mentioned this a couple of times and I’m so excited to be with your enrollment. If world peace is happening the catalyst of AC ontology and Nichole McDonald marketing intercepting each other is the foundation.

if it isn’t clear already, I’m enrolled.

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