Reply To: My Stand For Each Of You

Hey T – yea there’s a pendulum swing scenario that has my attention, energy, and focus living between the extremes rather than in the calm consistent center where the power source is. When my client numbers mean in the AC context that me and my business carry the “unqualified” label it drives up my disempowered contexts of not enough and from that fear-based place it can have me in my scramble-handle context and compartmentalize love, attention, power, etc.
One day last summer Mark asked me “what would have it go differently?” and I said “I’ll have to be willing to be in the breakdown long enough” and what I meant was I will have to stop resisting the breakdown. I have to sit in the breakdown and BREAK DOWN the shit I make up and the ways I be with that shit. So that’s where I’ve been. NOT handling it so as to look enough or feel better. Basking in experimentation with my business ventures in spite of “being disqualified”, loving the nonsense and the humanity and the brilliance and the crazy that is me. I made having 1 client mean something other than being disqualified. So I think yea, I could’ve shaken my etch-a-sketch differently and just had it go differently in a blink and a wink, but the be with I generated from the deeper-darker place had me transform al little more of the residual muck so as to allow myself on the regular to hold myself as a woman who gets to have her life work – including her business – but for me it’s really about being a person who doesn’t have to fight the people she loves and fear their departures and disappointments. So yea I see where you’re pointing and whether it’s me or you or Charlie, let’s all just stop having our lives not working be justification for why we can’t be in our power. In AC or wherever we choose to show up. As far as adding value or taking value I choose adding value. Just not separate from creating a life and a being that will. ♥
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