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Gosh, Sabs, this reminds me of when I told my Program Coach that I kissed someone who wasn’t my husband……….and she said “it’s perfect” and I was like “oh haaaaayyyl no this is not perfect, what is wrong with you you weird moron of a coach?!”

Your response reflects her greatness and the possibility you see for her. So just as she sees herself in her stuff, might want to choose it and be in it from SM, she also sees herself as separate from her stuff, is willing to be exactly where she is, which is perfect. She is perfect. And from here forgiveness and the possibility of completion are available.

So like she is “buying” the significance of her overwhelm, you are “buying” that her out conversation is one to entertain. Trust her, that she will have breathed, spent time putting one foot in front of the other and support her in getting really complete. I encourage you to get her in the breakdown, get her with allll the thoughts, feelings, and body sensations and if she’s willing to get enrolled in something that’s available for her in this program (you too! <3) then consider the places Kerry gave us to look at around money and setting up the plan that she won’t shift and distinguishing the relationship (blame, justify, denial, avoidance?

Who else has something for Sabrina?

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