Reply To: Enrollment

 Juliana Sih

Yes willing! Thanks, my requests are peanuts also. I just want some almonds!

I’ve been thinking this morning about my most needy and outrageous request/demand that I could make from team. And this is what I came up with.

-5 leads. Someone from your life who you are too close to coach, mom, dad, sister, brother, mother in law, grandma or someone you have thought about offering coaching but haven’t yet. 3 way intro text would be great!

-Listening to my sample session. I am going to enroll the person I have a sample session with tomorrow to let me record the call. Who will listen and give me feedback?

-I’d love to get support on handling objections. I have a follow-up call on Friday with a person. I see that we could be on zoom and I can be on the call with the person. Is this ethical? Maybe not but thats my outrageous request.

Tonight I am going to toastmaster and having coffee with a FB friend who I’ve never met! Going out and BEING coach.


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