Reply To: World Peace Team Enrollment

 Brittany Cotton

Hey Nichole,

Thanks so much for bringing a new and really cool conversation. I really acknowledge what it takes to bring this, and your willingness to put in a lot of work and energy into getting butts in seats. That is so clear to me!

I read your post last night and took some time to think about what I had to bring, and so if I miss something in my response, please let me know and I apologize.

I hear all of it. The frustration, the burden, the vision, the unnecessary breakdowns. I also hear complaints, either/or, and this is the way.

What I have:

– I agree with T, if you are producing results, and you don’t need this structure to practice your enrollment skills and register people- by all means don’t come. However, what I am present to is that there may be more room for breakthrough in enrollment and registration, outside of the current way its gone for you. Now if I am off base or wrong in my data, please correct me, but I am under the impression that the registrations you have created were people whom you either financially supported,  or hold you in such high esteem you saying you should do this has them do it. And look that’s amazing, but I’m interested in your next level of enrollment and registration that is outside of that. People fucking love you, and know how successful you are, so you simply saying Jump, will have them consider jumping. The thing is, in politics and your vision of your leadership in the future, you will need to enroll people outside of them knowing you and trusting you personally, it will need to be strangers, etc. And I know you have created that in Sash community, but my suspicion is a political campaign is a bigger enrollment. And being that I would want you in the highest of offices, I want your enrollment skills to be above and beyond.

SO– I request that you look at what next level of enrollment/registration there is for you to have on this team. Regardless or not if you are on the calls. AND f you are practicing enrollment and registering people outside of how its gone in the past, i.e. having breakthroughs, I’m totally enrolled in you not needing this specific structure). But if not, there may be something here for you to look at again.

I love what you have for marketing, and yes there are teams and conversations happening like this all over the company. So your voice is totally welcome and needed, and not alone. Would you actually be willing to bring what you see, and enroll us in it? Cause I fully trust your marketing skills. The thing I notice about this though is that it occurs like an either/or. Whats the both and? Where people can get marketing train AND have a structure to support their enrollment skills. Enrollment happens in marketing, it also happens in conversation, both are skills. How might we utilize the two together, such that people aren’t simply relying on one- which seems to be what you might be pointing to here.

AND now now now! What can you create here and now that would have you registering people from this vision?? Cause thats super enrolling, versus something down the line. It seems you see whats possible and are stopped at Permission and Burden.

And that being said, if you were outside of a permission conversation, would the calls still be a burden?

Thats what I have for now as my client is calling, will come back for more if things percolate more!!

Love, B

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