Reply To: WINS

 Jeff Miller

So awesome Sabrina! I know you will have a great time tonight and tomorrow night. I love how much you celebrate life and bringing real causes to the forefront!

Win for me coming up in 2 weeks Steph and I will be going on our first vacay of the year with no kiddos. Heading up to Solvang and I am not planning anything. I usually am the planning guy on vacations and have everything figured out. I figure they have wine and walkability and that is all we need.

Also I am hosting my first board meeting for the United States Professional Tennis Association So Cal Chapter as the new President. It is rare that they have someone not currently full-time in tennis be President and I am exciting to create a new culture for the group. This is my 5th year serving on the board and I am very excited to the possibility of some of these tennis coaches stepping into becoming coaches in life and potentially doing the program.

That is all for now. Who is next?

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