Reply To: Enrollment

 Juliana Sih

3 FP clients with contracts through March 27th, mid-April and June. I will be 4 FP by Tuesday. I declare creating a group and reaching out to ALL people I had sample session with, 2 referral request daily, 4 new linkedin connection, call 5 peeps to connect and share coaching, invite 5 new people into my practice. I declare going to 3-4 events where I meet new people, talk about coaching and invite them into a sample session.

This is whats so today: created 2 sample sessions. Went to toastmaster and sat next to two people who want to become coaches (wah!). outreached to my AC participant fam for referral request. T supported with completion and referrals. Sabs supported me before my SS. Reached out to at least 15 people.

Thanks Britt! I am in process of getting his alignment on recording. If I can’t record with him, what I will do is just record myself and review it back to see how my being is. Do I still need his permission for that?

Jeff, are you free 8-8:30am on Friday for text support?

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