Reply To: Vision for Photographer


Hey Team – thanks for all the energy towards this – with Mike’s declared addition by end of day we will have reached our list of 10 viable leads – and I can’t believe we already have 5 people who we see are amazing and enrolled!

My addition is Mike of Jenn & Mike photography. Check out their being in the video on this page:

I talked to Jenn, who does all the pre-session prep. She brought a massive level of partnership to the conversation and an exquisite care for the process. A sampling of their business photos and headshots is here:

The only piece for consideration with this team is that they would like to do this for no fewer than 25 people.

So I have it what is next is for me to connect to the others you’ve presented enrollment around and per the milestones, bring my choice and an enrollment to team by next Thursday.

In other related news: The monthly team *may* have 3-5 people enrolled in joining us AND Michael Margolin shared that the AC office staff may also be interested. Who will partner with me to gauge the AC staff’s interest level? THANKS

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